Dr. Rob Britton was part of the leadership team that rebuilt the American Airlines brand after 9/11

Here is a leadership speaker who has actually led.

Rob's long career in the dynamic and challenging airline industry taught him a lot about how to motivate people, achieve results, and have fun at work – and to live a balanced life after work. Rob’s mission at RealWorldLeadership is to share what he has learned, and to help people and organizations grow and improve. Please click here to see his speaking experience.

Rob’s talks on leadership and effective management are not canned.  He’s not an actor with a script, blow-dried (actually, his hair is dwindling). He is the real deal, a charismatic leader who clearly articulates what he learned during a successful career.

He is totally flexible about time and topic, from a 30-minute chat to a multi-day seminar, from a single focus (perhaps insights on hiring well) to a broad look at where your leadership needs to go to meet the challenges of capable competition, changing markets, and an increasingly diverse workforce. Click here to see topics and themes, and here to see what others say about Rob.

What we do

  1. Executive Education
    Executive Education
    As part of a custom program tailored to an organization or part of open-enrollment courses
  2. Keynote Speeches
    Keynote Speeches
    Speeches to open, close, or punctuate conferences and meetings of any size.
  3. Workshops & Seminars
    Workshops & Seminars
    Standalone or integrated workshops and seminars of any duration, from 30 minutes to several days
  4. Classroom Teaching
    Classroom Teaching
    For graduate and undergrad classes, as a guest lecture, daylong, or multi-day program.
RealWorldLeadership News

>>  On May 9, we published an academic "first-person" case study on the remarkable 1984-86 turnaround of the former Republic Airlines; to get a copy, just send us an email .

>>  On May 2, Rob presented a case study on start-up innovation to the McGill University MBA in Japan program during a visit to Montreal.

>>  On February 25, Rob spoke on leadership in turbulent times at Oxford Inspires , Britain's "entrepreneurship event of the year," at the University of Oxford.

>> On February 10, Rob spoke to 40 prospective MBA students at Georgetown University , delivering a case study on innovation and entrepreneurship.

>> By the numbers: in 2016, Rob spoke at 27 universities in 10 countries, reaching more than 2,700 students. In addition, he taught two specialized MBA electives at Georgetown.